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Radiation and Biological Water Monitors & Detectors
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The First Definitive Water Test System for Coliforms and E. coli. EASY, RELIABLE, APPROVED AND ECONOMICAL!
Hallett™ Ultraviolet Water Systems
The Hallett™ is a technically advanced UV water purification system and is dramatically superior to conventional ultraviolet systems. It is self-cleaning and smart - with multiple sensors and on-board diagnostics.
AquaKing® Colorimeter
The AquaKing® Colorimeter features over 60 parameters. Automatically recalibrates itself.
EZ-check™ Colorimeter
The EZ-Check™ is a custom programmed colorimeter for only those parameters required by the customer. Automatically recalibrates itself.
Laser Particle Counters
Our laser particle counters identify particle quantity and size from 0.5µm to 100µm diameter. Both the portable and bench-top particle counters operate with both flowing and in-situ liquids. There is no cross-contamination of flow lines thereby eliminating sample flushing.
Radiation and Biological Water Monitors and Detectors
The UniTect and the NextGen-SSS systems provide continuous, real-time monitoring of radionuclides, chemical and biological contamination of drinking water and wastewater in the event of terrorist acts, industrial accidents or Illegal disposal.
Reverse Osmosis Water Treatment Systems
Standard pre-engineered or custom designed reverse osmosis packages and related engineered water treatment solutions.